Myanmar Yellow Pages Legal Notice


Public Notification of Registered Trademark and Logo Infringements

IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd, the Copyright and Registered Owner of the name “Myanmar Yellow Pages” and its correlative pictorial Service Mark Logo of the “Walking Fingers” hereby issues a public notification concerning the above mentioned Trade Mark and Brand as shown below. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd has legally and officially registered “Myanmar Yellow Pages” and its pictorial Service Mark logo of the “Walking Fingers” as herein mentioned above, under Myanmar Reg. No. ( IV – 1138/1993 ), (IV- 5292/2001 ) ( IV- 5293/2001 ). This Copyright Trademark and Brand in all its aspects were registered at the Office of the Deeds, Yangon, Myanmar in 1993, 2001 and Public Notice was subsequently disseminated by IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. through advertisements on several occasions in newspapers as well through the radio, television and internet media.

There are numbers of cases have been reported in where the Yellow Pages logo and service have been unlawfully used. IMEX Myanmar Co., Ltd. is the only Yellow Pages company which is officially registered and recognized by the government of Myanmar with the official “Walking Finger” logo. If you have experienced or encountered with an unlawfully used Yellow Pages service or logo please notify us to the below address.