Website Development Service

Doing business without marketing is like winking in the dark – You know what you're doing, but nobody else does!
As a small or medium-sized business-owner, marketing is probably the keystone of your growth model.
You want to project a professional and relevant Business Identity, not only to reach out extensively to your potential customers but also to engage them effectively, but you find yourself struggling as

• Out of date website
• Website not Mobile Friendly
• Unreliable vendors
• Fly-by-night freelancers
• Poor customer response


You know you need to act fast to tackle these issues but you just do not have the time, expertise and resources to overcome them.
Worry no more. You are now just a just call away from having a low cost, affordable, reliable and practical solution for your business!
IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd helps you to converge all your digital marketing requirements on an integrated platform. Our intuitive interface plus the quality support make it all possible, at a very affordable cost!
Our All-In-One Powerful and Integrated Marketing Platform which helps to convert online visitors into actual customers through a variety of online channels. They Key Services offered are Digital Presence, Social Media, ecommerce, Booking System and various engagement tools.
It boasts a cross-platform capability meaning that you can engage your customers effectively via different devices at all time, even while they are on the go!
Your clients get timely notifications for appointment confirmation and reminders, reducing the chance of no-shows.
Upon login, you get a complete round-up of your own personalized KPI targets, highlighted with color-coded thresholds and indicators.
Just a glance and you have a good idea of your own website visits, appointments, new prospects, page views, social media response, your new bookings, coupon redemptions etc. If you need more details, they're just a click away.
The Integrated platform intuitively captures and consolidates all customer interactions via all channels into a build in Customer Relationship Management system, and you know exactly when they last connect, used what service, and when is their next appointment.
And now with all the customers’ information at your fingertips, you can now perform targeted campaigns to engage them even further with your value added services.

And what's more, with Grade A hosting on a Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and 99.9% uptime. We care about your security and safety too. This platform is fully firewall protected.
You also receive Software Upgrades and New Feature Releases at no extra cost. No more worries about system getting obsolete, or you getting left behind in this era of fierce competition.
That's not all. We will back you up with top-quality professionals including Copywriters, Web and Search Engine Specialists, Social Media gurus and more, for all your Digital Marketing needs so that You can do what you do best – Run Your Business!

Hosting Management

Template Management Domain Names, DNS, Websites

Website Content Management

Page, Content, Blogs

Financial Transactions

Online Stores, Donations, Recurring Payments

Learning Management

Online Courses, Curriculums, Student Records

Email Management

POP/IMAP, Aliases, Simple Email Groups

Relationship Management

People Records, Exports & Imports, Mass Email

Media Management

Photo, Videos, Audio Files, Live Streaming

Event Management

Calendar, Event Registrations, Ckeck-in

Website Rate Card

Fees - 2nd Year Onwards300,000 Ks350,000 Ks400,000 Ks500,000 Ks
Domain/Customer ProvidedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Storage**1 GB5 GB10 GBUnlimited
CMSCMS BasedCMS BasedCMS BasedCMS Based
Responsive+ DesignCross Platform (Responsive+)Cross Platform (Responsive+)Cross Platform (Responsive+)Cross Platform (Responsive+)
Design PagesUp to 10 pages /
Up to 25 pages /
Up to 50 pages /
Photo Gallery2 Gallery,
Up to 12 photos
Up to 2 Galleries,
Up to 24 photos
Up to 4 Galleries,
Up to 48 photos
Map2 mapUp to 4 mapUp to 6 mapUnlimited
"Call Now"IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
'Contact Us"IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
"Call-me-back" --IncludedIncluded
"Customer feedback"--IncludedIncluded
Appointment booking-1 Calendar
(Single service/ resource)
2 Calendar
(Single service/ resource)
Multiple Services
Facebook Fan PageIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website Facebook appIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Maintenance1 Hr/month1 Hr/month2 Hr/month4 Hr/month
Technical SupportEmailEmail/
(1h Phone per month)
(2h Phone per month)
(4h Phone per month)
Proactive ReportingBi-MonthlyBi-MonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Fees - 1st Year600,000 Ks750,000 Ks900,000 Ks1,500,000 Ks