Myanmar Yellow Pages was originally founded, the first ever in Myanmar, by the parent company IMEX (Myanmar) C., Ltd in the year 1993. The roll out of the first printed edition was inaugurated in the year 1995. It was indeed an auspicious year seeing the birth of the Myanmar Yellow Pages, depicting the Service Logo of the “Walking Finger.”

Each year has seen an upgrade to the previous edition. Myanmar Yellow Pages is a comprehensive business service directory which includes a detailed listing of businesses available in Myanmar, names of manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders, including the Myanmar Travel Guide for businesses and visitors in specialized fields etc. This informative publication also serves as a quick and easily accessible reference and guidelines to zoom in on business matching exercise for foreign companies willing to establish a presence in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Yellow Pages has approximately 80,000 business listings. For convenience Fax numbers and Internet URL/E-mail are also listed. It features Government Offices, Trade Organizations, Commercial Firms, Service Industries, Foreign Missions, Exhibitions and Trade Shows.

Print Advertising Size

(W x H)
Back Cover6.5'' x 9.3" 4,500,000 Ks----
Inside Front Cover6.5'' x 9.3"4,100,000 Ks----
Inside Back Cover6.5'' x 9.3"3,700,000 Ks----
Full Page6.5'' x 9.3"1,300,000 Ks-1,090,000 Ks-940,000 Ks-850,000 Ks-
1/2 Page (Horizontal)6.5" x 4.5"920,000 Ks-750,000 Ks-630,000 Ks-550,000 Ks-
1/2 Page (Vertical)3.2" x 9.3"920,000 Ks-750,000 Ks-630,000 Ks-550,000 Ks-
1/3 Page (Horizontal)6.5" x 2.9"-600,000 Ks-550,000 Ks-470,000 Ks-
1/3 Page (Vertical)3.2" x 6.0"-600,000 Ks-550,000 Ks-470,000 Ks-
1/4 Page (Horizontal)6.5" x 2.2"650,000 Ks-530,000 Ks-430,000 Ks-350,000 Ks-
1/4 Page (Vertical)3.2" x 4.5"650,000 Ks-530,000 Ks-430,000 Ks-350,000 Ks-
1/6 Page3.2" x 2.9"-400,000 Ks-330,000 Ks-250,000 Ks-
1/8 Page3.2" x 2.2"320,000 Ks-250,000 Ks-210,000 Ks-140,000 Ks-
Box D (Horizontal)3.2" x 1.4"-120,000 Ks-100,000 Ks-72,000 Ks-
Box D (Vertical)1.55" x 2.9"-120,000 Ks-100,000 Ks-72,000 Ks-
Box C (Horizontal)3.2" x 1.0"-80,000 Ks-64,000 Ks-47,000 Ks-
Box C (Vertical)1.55" x 2.2"-80,000 Ks-64,000 Ks-47,000 Ks-
Box B1.55" x 1.4"-64,000 Ks-50,000 Ks-35,000 Ks-
Box A1.55" x 1.0"-48,000 Ks-38,000 Ks-28,000 Ks-
Box ListingBox Listing15,000 Ks-
Bold ListingBold Listing10,000 Ks-