business advertising & advertising

Advertising and Publishing Service

Our advertising support services can be applied to the various media, being print, in the Yellow Pages Directory, Trade Magazine publication, Direct Mailing, Newspapers and also coverage in the local Radio and Television networks, including Mobile and Online platforms depending on the goals of your campaign.

2_web development service

Web Development Service

We provide high quality informative and web development services for best performance accommodating customer’s requirements at affordable rates. Our experienced web development team are familiar with the latest and emerging web technology that will enhance and upgrade the visibility of the customer’s website.

business consulting

Business Consulting Service

IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd offers a wide range of business consulting services for foreign companies that are already established, newly started and wishing to expand their business scope by extending total support to fulfill their needs in different levels and achieve the desired results. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd provides consulting services in areas of investment, advisory, engineering and technical support, government contracts, project management, hospitality management, ISO management, trading distributorships, liason, business representative and agency.

We can also extend services to Myanmar companies in areas of company Incorporation, registration, training and development, business partnership and so forth. Also available as a service provider for the formation of business partnership with the Myanmar Economic Club owned by KK Kyodo News Co., Ltd (prestigious Japanese news portal and media company). IMEX (Myanmar) C0., Ltd is currently working together with the following Japanese mission programs and assignments such as arranging Seminar/Symposium, Myanmar Inspection Tours, Report on the business climate in Myanmar, support through newspapers, media, TV etc, by  being a conduit among locally affiliated companies.

Inspection Tour Arrangements

Inspection Tour Arrangements

In recent years, Myanmar has become the focal point of the world being perceived as “The Last Asian Frontier” and attracting a number of foreign investors. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is prepared and willing to serve foreign companies in their needs for researching new business opportunities, opening up new branch or representative offices, forming partnerships etc in Myanmar. This can be done by pre-arranging tours, in order to expedite and improve the process. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd has successfully established its identity in South East Asia, Japan, United States and Europe delivering services to clients.

Market Research Service

Market Research Service

Providing services to overseas clients for research and market report in business consulting field, in the medical and patent field and in many others. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is proud to showcase its expertise and resources to accommodate the needs of each individual company to enhance and support achieving the company’s ultimate goal for success.


Employment Service

IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is committed to arrange a fair with the most suitable contract between Employer and Employee.

Support and Pre-arranging International Conferences, Fairs and Events

Support and Pre-arranging International Conferences, Fairs and Events

Due to the immense enthusiasm from the international community in the field of investment and business opportunities, there have been many International Conferences, Fairs and Events held in Myanmar in recent years. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd with its abundance of expertise and resources is proud to offer a total “service package” which includes to pre-arrange, coordinate, manage and operate International Conferences, Fairs and Events on behalf of companies in Myanmar. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is also able to provide through its expansive network, services for international event coordination, be it for Industry, Academic or Government to support the roles in planning, organizing, preparation, operation, translation etc. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is fully committed to offer and complete the service in an accomplished and professional manner.

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Translation and Interpreting Service

IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd provides high quality professional translation and interpreting services to enable you to communicate effectively. We utilize the services of professional translators and assure you that we are able to provide the right solution for you.

Customer Center

Customer Center

Myanmar Yellow Pages Customer Center providing telephone communication in Myanmar, English and Japanese languages to and from customers.