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IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. introduced Green Earth Co., Ltd that produce new fuel for all the engines to Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE). Mr.Ray, Managing Directory of IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. and Japanese Guests from Green Earth Co.,Ltd. went to the Ministry of Myanmar Electric and Power and, discuss producing new fuel that can increase the volume of the diesel that is intended to be used in Myanmar and exported to it's neighboring countries.


IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

IMEX(Myanmar) Co., Ltd was incorporated in 1993 as the sole publisher of the Myanmar Yellow Pages with the international trademark of the “Walking Finger”. The main goal of IMEX was to bring and expedite daily news on business and trade, promoting products and services and many more. IMEX (Myanmar) Co., Ltd is confident to fulfill and satisfy the requirements of the clients for achieving ultimate success in their business ventures.